Monday, 20 December 2010

This is London

House of Lalka made it's south London debut at Cable Night Club at London Bridge.
Lined up with designers who rocked an ethnic style and futuristic spandex leggings, House of Lalka stood out with long floral dresses and Babcia inspired head scarves.

The collection was designed and styled by Sister of Lalka, Katie Rose who described it as;

"A culmination of the last year, pieces of original Lalka mixed with my own designs which i designed and made in India. A taste of things to come in 2011 when we start to produce our own designs."

Enjoy these photographs with the collection modelled by friends and loved ones, including Sister of Lalka, Alice.

And of course the night would not have been complete without our wonderful friend who gives us constant support and inspiration, the beautiful Katy Carr.


  1. Wish we had of been there!!

    Well done

  2. what was the tune you played at This Is London?
    I need that song!

    Also j'adore the clothes!! just not for me to wear ; )
    Bring a mens line!!